Technology plays a critical role in university education, and students benefit greatly from the educational technology currently available on the Irvine campus.

UCI’s eTech initiative began in Winter 2012 to maintain and extend technology for students through a $4 fee per undergraduate lecture course unit (capped at $60 per quarter; maximum $180 per year). eTech will allow UCI to continue to strategically invest in instructional technologies and technology support and thus provide its students and faculty with a preeminent environment for digitally facilitated teaching and learning.

This website contains information on UCI’s eTech fee, including why this fee is important to the success of UCI’s students, the governance and process that will be followed to determine how the fee will be used, and background material on how technology is utilized across higher education in support of effective teaching and learning.

The eTech Committee solicits campus input on the most effective ways to utilize this funding – share your ideas today!