Frequently Asked Questions about eTech@UCI,
UCI’s Educational Technology Initiative

What is eTech@UCI? 

eTech@UCI, the UC Irvine Educational Technology Initiative, builds on and expands UCI’s existing services and capabilities, extending them to meet the growing and changing needs of students for information technology resources in support of their educational and personal goals.

What does eTech@UCI include?

All electronic educational technology at UCI including

What is the eTech@UCI Advisory Committee?

This committee consists of students, faculty with an active interest in educational technology and staff from relevant campus offices.  Student representatives are designated by ASUCI and the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.  There is also a student member from the Student Fee Advisory Committee.

What is the purpose of the fee?

The fee supports eTech@UCI as described above. eTech@UCI is structured to provide direct student representation in shaping the use of the fee and, more generally, electronic educational technology at UCI.

How much is the fee?

The fee is $4 per unit of undergraduate lecture course, up to a maximum amount of $60 per quarter.   It is assessed at the end of the third week of instruction (5.p.m. Friday).

Why is the fee necessary?

Without the fee, existing services and capabilities would be cut back as has been the case elsewhere in the University.

Of course, also, without the fee there would be no way to support improving and expanding educational technology to meet the changing needs and preferences of students.

Students are investing in increasingly capable personal computing and communications devices from smart phones to tablets to laptops.  Getting full value and use of these devices requires University investment in services and resources which this fee helps provide.

How does this fee relate to others?

This fee is separate from any other fees both in its purpose and in its administration. Recent fee increases have not been able to take into account the unique, pervasive and growing importance of educational technologies.

Irvine was an early pioneer in the use of educational technology; however, the current financial situation means that existing funding sources have been cut back and are not sufficient to sustain the current level of support nor to ensure we stay current in services that students need for their academic success.

How will the fee be collected?

The eTech Fee went into effect with the Winter 2012 quarter. It is assessed on ZOTBills after the third week of instruction each quarter, based on the number of units of undergraduate lecture courses a student is taking in that quarter. Dropping a course after the third week of instruction will not reduce the amount of the fee; the eTech Fee is nonrefundable. The fee is due at the next 30 day billing cycle. Enrollment in courses for any quarter is contingent upon fees for previous quarters being paid in full.

As a financial aid recipient, will I receive additional aid to pay for this fee?

No.  The fee will be paid by a portion of the aid you receive toward your books and supplies.

What if I have questions about eTech@UCI or the fee?

Questions about eTech@UCI and the fee supporting it can be sent to eTech@uci.edu.