Technology plays a critical role in university education, and students benefit greatly from the educational technology currently available on the Irvine campus.  This includes the EEE learning management platform, smart classrooms, instructional computing labs, library resources, and wireless networking, among other capabilities.  UCI’s current environment was created through past incremental campus investments.  Technology and student needs are constantly evolving, and require hardware and software refresh on an annual basis.

Funding for technology refresh, and for staff support of technology services, has significantly decreased in recent years due to the budget crisis.  Whereas wise past investments and heroic staff efforts have allowed us to continue to provide educational services of reasonable quality and responsiveness, the current lack of funding is now catching up with us and will have an increasing impact.  At the same time, we have not been able to invest in new technology to the extent necessary to maximize student educational experience.

The situation has become additionally compromised due to cuts in 2011/12 state funding.  A new UC Irvine Instructional/Educational Technology Course Materials and Services Fee (CMSF) has been created to help address the problem.  This approach was developed in consultation with representatives of student government and supported by the Student Fee Advisory Committee.