Classroom WiFi Wireless

Wireless upgrades in classrooms are based upon systematic surveys of coverage and reports from faculty and individual students.

During Q1 of 2017, upgraded access points, new access points, and network switches were added to increase wifi coverage in more than 30 classrooms, including: Humanities Hall first floor, Social Science Lab first floor, MSTB, DBH, PCB, HSLH, and EH. These classrooms total 2,262 seats.

The next phase of enhancements has been approved and is due to be completed in 2017. This includes more than 30 additional rooms such as: AIRB 1030, BS3 2130, HG 2nd floor, ICS, MSTB computer labs, RH, SSL 2nd floor, SST, and SSTR. At the same time, a new wireless network feature is being looked at for deployment in active learning classrooms. This allows for the creation of local wireless networks within a classroom, enabling instructors and students to wirelessly present and collaborate.