Canvas Learning Management System

After extensive “pilot” use, broad consultation with faculty and students, and careful consideration of alternatives, the campus is beginning full scale deployment of Instructure’s cloud-based Canvas Learning Management System (LMS).  This is a multi-year endeavor during which time the locally developed (since 1995) EEE Legacy course management system will continue to be fully supported. Throughout the transition, Academic Web Technologies will be transitioning to a dynamic ecosystem of instructional technology tools, with EEE+ Canvas at the center. Maintaining a high standard of support responsiveness and quality is a critical component of this endeavor, as is enhancing and expanding training and support options. The complexity of Canvas and integration services has significantly expanded the volume and complexity of support inquiries. “Ongoing support” (see above) includes  staff dedicated to helping faculty, teaching assistants, students, and staff through the transition process.

Detailed information on the process through which Canvas was selected, plans for full deployment, and the continuing availability of EEE may be found at . funds 80% of the annual costs of the Canvas system; the remainder by other OIT funds to cover use of the system beyond that by undergraduates.