Expanded Wireless Access


Wireless networking is provided by “access point” devices strategically placed in the area were coverage is required. Increasing wireless network use has taxed access points in popular areas, reducing performance.

In the UCI eTech Survey, students were asked what campus locations needed wireless improvements. OIT reviewed the cost and feasibility of updates in these locations; the Student Center was identified as the initial focus.

In Spring 2012, OIT added 27 new access points to study areas, lounges, terraces, Starbucks, student areas in building G; Zot-N-Go; East and West Food Courts, Anthill Pub, and the Visitor Center, plus another 20 in Student Center multipurpose and conference rooms (Crystal Cove Auditorium, Pacific Ballroom, and the following rooms: Balboa Island, Doheny Beach, Emerald Bay Moss Cove, Woods Cove). Students have already been enjoying increased wireless bandwidth and performance for a number of months thanks to this project.

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