More Power Plugs on Campus

Many students bring laptops and other portable devices to campus study areas, where the availability of power outlets varies.  In discussions about educational technology needs, students have frequently expressed the importance of increasing the availability of power sources.

The UCI eTech Survey asked students for input on power availability to help identify priority locations for improvement.

Locations identified include:

  • Student Center Food Courts (45%)
  • the campus Starbucks (36%)
  • Student Center lobbies and hallways (36%)
  • Gateway Study Center (31%)
  • Rowland Hall lobby (25% )
  • Phoenix Food Court (24%)
  • BC’s Cavern (24%)
  • MSTB lobby (20%)

OIT is in planning stages to work with the Student Center, other units, and Facilities Management to add or replace power receptacles in BC’s Cavern (10 new, 6 replaced), Phoenix Food Court (14 new), Student Center East and West food courts (38 new), and MSTB lobby (11 new).

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