EEE Developers

The Electronic Educational Environment (EEE), UCI’s home-grown online course management system, was founded in 1995, well before commercial vendors providing any similar products. The system has grown with UCI, guided by abundant feedback from students, staff, and faculty, and evolving into a toolset unique to UCI and tailored to the needs of the campus. EEE supports an average of 34,000 unique users per quarter, yet in the budget environment of the last several years, OIT was down to a skeleton crew of staff supporting it. Despite 600+ requests from the campus in the development queue, new development was not feasible, and critical system updates and other maintenance were deferred.

OIT has hired two new programmers (both UCI alumni!) and as of Spring 2012 EEE can return to an active support cycle with required maintenance, new tools, features, and system updates to keep pace with campus needs, requests, and changes in technology.

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