eTech Advisory Committee

The Educational Technology Initiative Advisory Committee (ETIAC) brings together students, faculty, and staff to advise the campus Chief Information Officer regarding eTech@UCI including the effective deployment of the student Educational Technology Initiative fee.

ETIAC members serve as liaisons to other committees, councils, and groups within the portions of the academic community they come from. As liaisons, they both inform their constituents about the initiative and assure that the ideas, perspectives and concerns of those constituents are factored into the campus-wide perspective that forms the basis of the advice the ETIAC provides.


  • Gurneel Boparai- ASUCI
  • Julie Lim- ASUCI
  • Auzzsa Eaton – Student Fee Advisory Committee
  • Nayarith Vasquez – Vice Chancellor Student Affairs Student Representative


  • Kimberly Edwards – Chemistry, School of Physical Sciences
  • John C. Larue –  Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Henry Samueli School of Engineering
  • Hugh Roberts –  English Department, School of Humanities
  • Mark Warschauer –  School of Education
  • Ted Wright – Cognitive Sciences, School of Social Sciences


  • Sarkis Daglian – Associate Director, Client Services, Office of Information Technology
  • Stephen Franklin –  Director of Academic Outreach, Office of Information Technology
  • Karen Mizumoto – Principal Finance Analyst, Planning and Budget
  • Alison Regan – Assistant University Librarian
  • Dana Roode –  Chief Information Officer and Associate Vice Chancellor
  • Deborah Sunday – Assistant Dean, Arts
  • Sherwynn Umali –  Associate Dean of Students